Examples of sustainable business


  • Every year the Stena Metall Group handles around 5 million tons of waste. We recycle and process society’s wastes into a resource in the form of new raw materials. Our recycling eliminates 8.7 million tons of CO2 emissions every year, equivalent to 1.3 million flights around the world. 
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  • With innovative recycling solutions, we help our customers to run their businesses more sustainably: safe and economical waste management, environmental training, advice and reporting. This helps them in their environmental work and makes them more competitive. With industry-specific and customized solutions, as well as both an international and local presence, we can create synergies that produce sensible waste management practices for customers and ourselves – wherever we happen to be.

  • In Sweden, Stena owns a unique rail service for waste transports. Our six complete trains have replaced over 20,000 truck shipments in three years. We are also pleased with the positive response from customers, authorities and other stakeholders. 
  • Together with the Chalmers University of Technology and others, Stena has established several centers of excellence in recycling. One example is Competence Center Recycling, CCR, which is doing research on lifestyles and the factors that affect our consumption choices. Another example is the Waste Refinery, which is working on energy recovery. 
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