Our culture


Stena has been part of society for 70 years. Over the years we have grown and developed, and today we are a large group with employees in a wide variety of businesses around the world. We are part of the Stena Sphere, and our long-term owners provide us with security.

Our strong culture is one of our biggest resources. It helps us to create value: for our customers, ourselves and society as a whole. Our vision is to set an example and be most innovative company in all our businesses.

The strength of the Group rests just as much in what we do as how we do it. We are a flat organization with strongly decentralized business acumen. This means that responsibility and decision-making authority rest far down in the organization and that our employees meet customer needs with personal commitment and a focus on results.

We are also helped by our values – simplicity, reliability and development – which are shared by all of us and are the basis of how we work with our customers and partners as well as internally in our workplaces.

Our values are reflected in everything we do.

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