Ferrous metals


Stena Metal International AB sells processed ferrous scrap primarily from Stena’s recycling companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Poland.

Close collaboration with our recycling facilities gives us control over material flows. We can therefore deliver quality assured, customized materials to meet our customers’ needs. We also offer just-in-time deliveries in our home markets, supplying the right materials on the right day, which in turn allows customers to reduce their inventories.

Our aim is to build long-term business relationships domestically and in export markets, and we are happy to work together with each customer to provide them with customized raw materials suited specifically to their processes. This applies to everything from shipments of 50,000 tons of bulk material by sea to 1 ton of material by truck. Our volume base means that we can offer secure, long-term collaborations.

Examples of materials we handle:

  • Foundry material Analysis/format customized
  • Shredd
  • Heavy Melting Scrap
  • Castings
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